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I'm hoping to do some packing of rice and wheat today, using 3-gallon buckets lined with sealed mylar bags. I plan to use oxygen absorbers inside the mylar bags.

I've been struggling with the math to determine how many 300 cc. oxygen absorbers to use and finally just gave up. A number of internet sites indicated that for densely packed things like rice, a total of 1500 cc. worth of oxygen absorbers would generally be about right. Based upon that, I thought I'd put 3 - 300 cc. oxygen absorbers in each 3-gallon bucket. I thought I might even put in 4, since a number of sources said that you really couldn't go wrong by having too many.

Then I got to wondering: Since mylar bags are delicate, could too many oxygen absorbers possibly lead to bag failure by implosion? Maybe this kind of guestimating the number of oxygen absorbers is not such a good idea when they are to be used inside a mylar bag. Is this a realistic concern, or should I just go ahead with my plan to use 3 or 4 per bucket?

Thanks in advance for your advice!
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