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Another newbie

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Hello all: Got another newbie here. Could someone please let me know where I could be the most help in regards to editing the chapters? I would like to help with some of the gardening chapters so I can learn to grow new veggies, but am open to any and all suggestions on where my help would be best utilized. DH would also like to help with the butchering chapter.
Look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible! :D
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Another quick all these tests (even the gardening ones???) have to be done by January for the new edition?? Not sure how that part works. Thanks!
Hi Heather. We put off the original deadlines so don't worry about January. Did I mention, speaking of "editing," that I'm grateful for any editing/suggestions that you will write on the 10th edition chapters that I'm preparing to send you? And I hope that you will return those chapters, with your edits/comments to me after the testing is all done.
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