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another mulching question

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I did locate the No- Work book but have not recieved it yet. My question is about soggy soil. Will this method help with the problem or no. I can make raised beds but over time the mulch will fill in and be the same height. The garden is not always soggy but with heavy rainm it tends to muck right up. My beans are all droopy as if drowning and my peppers have not even started to grow. I am concerned that if I mulch the garden totally it will keep in all that rain.
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I can attest to what Martin says about mulch just helping to retain more water. We eventually simply had to change our site to a better drained situation. That is a solution, or spending a fortune hauling in soil to raise your beds would be another. We now have our garden in a better drained site, with ditch around it and a modified raised bed situation with square foot gardening. I have never been happier with my production or ease of care.
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