Another Disability/Money question...

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    I was medically retired from the Army at 30% Disabled, about $850/month in retired pay.

    Then, The VA rated me at 70% Disabled, but allows me to receive 100% compensation due to Unemployability. ($2601/ month w/spouse + no Kids)

    So, of course, because I'm not a 20-year veteran, I don't get concurrent receipt. (which I think is crud, by that's for another topic), Therefore, as everyone does, I had to waive my retirement monies to receive my VA monies.

    My big question: What happens when I reach "true" retirement age?? That's 33 years from now, but if there will be some big decrease I should know about, I'd like to start socking some money away for when that happens!

    Oh, I also get Social Security Disability; will that change to Social Security Retirement, or will I get both?? (If anyone knows.....these issues all seem to be realted to eachother.....all being Federal programs...)
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    All i can tell you on is the Social Security Disability--at 65 it will change over to regular Social Security, same amount--least my hubbys did-

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    Regular SS is related to VA pension via disabilities, not sure about SSI. The VA will cover the cost to bring you up from regular SS to the VAs level, usually about $300.00 difference. Check with your vet rep in the blue pages of the phone book in the 'state' listings area.
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    I retired in 2001, with 20 years on active duty.

    I was told during 'TAP' class, that at 65 I would go onto SSA, and the SSA amount would be subtracted from my US Navy amount. The overall total amount that I receive will remain the same. Part of what I get today will simply shift to coming from SSA.

    Now I get nothing from disability.

    Sorry that I could not help you any more.

    Many military bases sponsor regular retirement benefits classes every quarter. I get the retired Navy newsletter each quarter and it lists where they are being held.

    You should really attend one, as it would answer there concerns and others as well.

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    I am at 50% and retired E-7 with 21 years. I don't get near what you do in monthly allowances.

    Post your question here:

    There are people that will get you true information. Please cross post here with your answer.
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    The amount you get is based on where you live (cost of living) and how many and ages of your dependants.

    Any retirement you receive will be slightly supplemental to the dissability. If you receive $400 from the VA and then get a retirement, what happens is you wont get the extra money, you just get that $400 tax free.

    If you are young enough to have children in the house, you get extra. In fact, with our children, we get x amount until the are 18,BUT if they still live in the house and go to college, until they are 23, the amount we receive for them INCREASES. I guess they figure they should give us extra for having kids get a higher education.