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The cattle panels hooped over and covered with a tarp have been working fine for my chickens for a couple of years now. It's cheap and sturdy. I have mine mounted on 2 side-by-side 4x8ft pallets I got from a hot tub store and the floor was covered with OSB... I said "was" because it rotted pretty fast. I closed in the back side with another sheet of osb and the front I closed by putting an upright 2x4 from floor to top of the hoop with chicken wire over it and then built a door of 2x4s covered with chicken wire. In winter I just close the front up by covering it with plastic. The only problem I had was with raccoons getting in under the tarp when one edge came loose. The spaces between the rods the panels are made of is big enough for a **** to get thru. I also had chicks get out so I ended up putting a 2ft high strip of 1" mesh chicken wire around the bottom of it.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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