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Animal shelter built from panels?

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Can someone give me really, really simple and easy directions for builiding the animal shelter from panels and t-posts? I think the panels are wired together and arched over, would look like an airplane hanger I'm guessing. At least I think I've seen something like this described, but I've never seen one built that way and I'm not very handy. The roof blew off my donkey shed last night, and I need to come up with something out of things I have available - and like I said, I'm definately not very handy. (No surprise that the roof blew off - surprise was that it lasted as long as it did!)
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Is the building still standing ? If it is why not place the panel over the top wire down the panel and cover with a tarp . You can buy cheap traps and tarp starps to hold it in place . This is a tempory fix right ?
the cheapest shelters are those portable garages contructed from galvanized pipe and tarps.Just be sure you anchor them securely though, or the wind will lift them.
I believe what you are talking about is t-post and cattle panels. Drive t-post in ground, fasten cattle panels to t-post,hoop over to make roof, fasten to t-post on otherside. cover with tarp or what have you. If you stack bales along side it makes it a triffle warmer. hope this helps.
Look in the poultry forum not more than a few days ago i saw some really great pics and details on building something which sounds like what you are talking about. Sorry I am in a big hurry or i would link it for you
Found some time hope this works
The cattle panels hooped over and covered with a tarp have been working fine for my chickens for a couple of years now. It's cheap and sturdy. I have mine mounted on 2 side-by-side 4x8ft pallets I got from a hot tub store and the floor was covered with OSB... I said "was" because it rotted pretty fast. I closed in the back side with another sheet of osb and the front I closed by putting an upright 2x4 from floor to top of the hoop with chicken wire over it and then built a door of 2x4s covered with chicken wire. In winter I just close the front up by covering it with plastic. The only problem I had was with raccoons getting in under the tarp when one edge came loose. The spaces between the rods the panels are made of is big enough for a **** to get thru. I also had chicks get out so I ended up putting a 2ft high strip of 1" mesh chicken wire around the bottom of it.
This is the one I built, step by step - thank Nette for posting them!

They won't blow over, but will skid around on the ground in heavy winds. To keep them in place, drive a metal fence post (or two) by one end and just tie it to them. Took me 4 hrs to build, we have 3 of them, (2) 8x12 and (1) 8x16. Total cost was just under $80.

If you wanted a bigger one, weld two panels end to end and make it larger. Might have to add some interior bracing, I don't know yet... but we're gonna try a big one this spring.

We built a large one. We used 16 ft cattle panels (8 of them). First my dh built a frame on the ground out of 2X6 (2x4 will work too I'm sure). The rectangle frame goes about 4 ft high off the ground. We then arched the panels and attached them to the frame. That way the shelter is higher and you can get more hay, ect. in it. We had two large army tarps that we used to cover it which has worked out great. We had a big windstorm and a large branch fall on it and it did no damage. Along the bottom in that 4 ft space we used tin roofing and sided it with that. It stays very warm in there. The ends we enclosed one with a tarp on the top with tin on the bottom so we can ventilate. The front we walled with tin and put a door on. We did run a beam down the middle of the cattle panels with a post in the middle for support.

It actually looks a lot better than it sounds and I am trying to talk dh into making me the same size green house made the same way. I'm guessing measurements but I think it turned out to be 14 ft x 40 ft. We made a heavy duty frame because we have a "attic" on one end that we can store misc. junk on that is above our heads.

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