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Animal care while we are away

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okay, I know this has been asked before, but I would like some help with ideas. We are going away for a week for Christmas and asked a neighbor kids to stop by and care for our animals, 6 sheep, 2 ducks, and some chickens. doesn't take much care, just letting chix out & throwing hay to sheep in morning and putting in chix and feeding all at night and of course water. he actually drives right by everyday as it is, so he doesn't have to go out of his way at all. I have no idea how much to pay him. I manage to do it all in about 30 minutes total. he can have all the eggs of course, although that i guess is more for his family. i just don't have any idea how much to pay him. :shrug:
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I pay nothing. My neighbor helps me out, and I help him out. he knows if his gas heater goes out, like it did last night, I will go over there and fix it for him if I can. I know if I need to be gone, he'll take care of my livestock. Etc.
We pay our caretaker $30.00/day to come twice a day and feed our goats, give hay when needed, let chickens in and out (and feed) and rake the barn areas (the does every day, the bucks/wethers every other day)
Man, at $30 a day, I see the basis for a good summertime home biz!
Just curious how you all work that out to a mere 2 trips per day for indoor dogs? That is a heck of a long time to expect a dog to "hold it". :( Maybe my dogs are spoiled, but mine go out at least FOUR times a day.

In Ontario, most sitters charge closer to $20 per trip (up to an hour). Anything less would hardly pay for the gas and travel (for out-of-towners). I've considered getting into farm sitting part-time, and that is generally $50-60 a day, depending on number of animals.

Our doggies can hold it a long time. The three of them are in all night (about 9 hours), let out in the morning, then if the weather is bad they are brough back in for the day (another 9 hours). I'm counting now: we let them out when we get up, out when we come homes from work and sometimes out one more time before bed; sometimes not. That's three, max.

DW is more softhearted than me, and so they hit her up to go out a lot more times when she in in the mood where she will jump up and serve them. I am convincing her, though, in the times when she is fed up to just let it slide and be the dominant dog in her own home. She is finding that it works.
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