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I have a herd of English Angoras (18 now!!)'s a common misconception that you have to give them timothy hay or oatmeal hay...both are good...however... If you're using a high protein feed--16-17% you can use good coastal. I use coastal/alfalfa mix and I've had no problems with it.

Are you using straight pellets or do you have a mixture of grains added into your feed? I have a recipe made up grains and pellets I use to ensure they're getting plenty of roughage--along with their hay..and I give them all a few pieces of dried pineapple daily. Pineapple tidbits and papaya tablets are good sources of papain and bromelain--enzymes that break down wool in the tummy.

I live in a heavily agricultral area in Texas, so finding good hay isn't a real problem. But if you can't find good hay locally, you can order it online at I know of several to breeders who use their products.

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