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  1. tallpines

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    Apr 9, 2003
    A woods in Wisconsin
    How did your day go?
    Are those youngsters getting well?
  2. AngieM2

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    May 10, 2002
    Hi there tallpines....

    the day went well.... I did spend the whole day over there as daughter had barely slept last night. So I went over.

    Son-in-law was still not sick, but not feeling too well - so he went in to work about 11 (he owns the store). I took care of grandson J and granddaughter R today, and got them lunches (crackers and gatoraid) they didn't want much to eat yet.

    I did get the little ones out on the front porch (68* weahter) and porch swinged with them, and then their swings in the back yard until sprinkles of rain. I also helped build fisher price type train tracks and read books.

    While J and R were having a nap, daughter was up with baby. And we had a good talk about all kinds of stuff,....

    So, pretty good day. Seemed to have the daughter I remembered back. I think maybe she's getting back balanced. And I don't think there are any more grandchildren in the immediate future. She admitted they had not quite planned this last one to be so close to the 2nd...... (15 months diff).
    So, maybe all, or at least all for a couple of years or so - just so she can get her body back to mostly normal. That was good news, cause I love the babies but don't want her hurting her health about a bunch either. Mixed emotions.

    Also, she doesn't seem to be on the kids cases as much, I guess a bit more relaxed. But the kids still mind.

    Thanks for asking. tomorrow I go back to the gen shop to work... and maybe get home in time to take care of swaps and stuff ...

    Hope you are doing better with your familay and outlook, also. I'm praying for your situation always.


  3. jersey girl

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    Nov 21, 2005
    Heres a prayer that things with your daughter stay just this way or better. Sure would make a super Christmas for you.