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And Now For Something Completely Different

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I have this little tomcat that thinks he's a dog. He growls whenever someone pulls up on The Homestead. He loves to have his tummy rubbed and won't attack your hand, and his favorite game is fetching. Hus favorite thing to fetch is the exterior covering of Romex wire or short pieces of 1/2" pex pipe (yes the homestead house is still under construction) but he also has a collection of small sticks.
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I lost several cats to the mountain lions, wolves, bobcats, great owls and bears up here. This little guy is strictly a house cat and though he's a tomcat he doesn't have a single scar. I am curious how he'd react if a friend brought her fixed male cat for a visit though.
There's a lot of snowshoe hares on my homestead and no domesticated cats. I'll snare the hares of they get too thick because I don't like to attract bobcats.
And because I wouldn't want to called a tease, here's my favorite Monty Python episode:

They will probably fight with each other. Cats are not like dogs, it isn't really a good idea to try to introduce "playmates" unless they are staying permanently. They aren't pack animals and even though at one time I had 22, there were still those who preferred to stay in their own "safe zone". Some would buddy up, but mostly siblings.

Not only that, but if you make him feel threatened, he may start to spray to mark his territory. Tom cat urine is nasty and if he doesn't do it now, whatever you do, don't get him started.

I have always had at least 3 or 4 (22 was a bit much, but wasn't really my idea, people kept dumping pregnant cats at my house. I was getting them fixed and "was going to" find them homes. Well, I did. Mine) Anyway, I am the proverbial cat magnet. If there is a stray, it will come to my house. If I go anywhere, they come up to me.
I wondered about that, but he did really well when my son's dog was here for a few weeks. He even started to play with the dog.
He looks like he has a lot of gumption.
Especially at 6AM when he brings his favorite twig to me to play fetch. Luckily, that's when I usually get up.
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