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An unexpected new farm guardian

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We find ourselves the somewhat reluctant owner of a new AKC male Pyr.

Our female, Janie, was in heat. When we went out to do the chores, there's my neighbor's big beautiful male, tied up with Janie in their embrace inside our pasture. :huh: After they separated, we took him home and let him know we might we wanting his registration number in the future. The guy (a very decent neighbor) apologized and asked us to hold on for a moment. He was back in a jiff, held out a paper to us and then said we could keep the dog along with his papers, for free. He couldn't keep the dog in his fences with his animals. (Well no wonder, you have high tensile fencing!) In his defense, he has a female that stays put and he just assumed this male would as well. We asked him if he was sure, and he said yes, very sure. Just to remember him in the future if we had any pups as he'd like another female or a young male to neuter early.
So, we bought Noah home, fixed the gate where he got in to begin with, and put him in with our sheep. He's a gorgeous boy, 5 years old, and healthy. I hope we can keep him home!
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Wow! That's a great deal - if you can keep him home! Will be expecting baby pics in 9 weeks. Hope all goes well for her.
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