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An old rusty plow will not scour very well until the rust is off it, either by wire brushing, or by a very long time in the ground with you fighting it to keep the soil from sticking to it.

Is this a walk-behind plow, or does it have a frame and wheels.? And is the one point hitch a power lift, or drawbar pulled? Non-power lift will need handlebars and an operator, along with the tractor driver. Frame and wheels will have to be at same height as the drawbar to pull into a furrow, along with a lever to adjust the depth and level of shear. You might rig a double clevis to attach it.

A twelve HP garden tractor might pull a shiny 10 inch to a depth of six inches. A bigger plow will take more HP, but you could get it to a better depth.

If I thought it could work, I might pay $25--$50. Surprised the plow survived the scrapyard. Another point is if you will be able to find another shear(share) to match a worn out or broken one.

1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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