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Due to a whole bunch of disasters all together (divorce, cancer, losing property) my neighbor must dispose of nearly 40 pure-bred American Guinea Hogs, from coke-can size through butchering size, and adult breeders. She's looking at disposal within the next 30 days. Only a few have papers, but they're all full AGH. Nice pigs, used to farrowing outdoors or in small shelters in the winter, calm, and some are really friendly. She's asking from $100 for fully weaned to $300 for papered adults, but make an offer for a group. They all run together so females are probably pregnant.

She also has 6 pure Scottish Highland cattle - adult bull named Chewbacca, 2 proven cows, 1 heifer, 2 this-year bull calves. Females are probably pregnant.

And 2 female milk goats. Not distinctive, not bred for 2 years.

Lebanon, Oregon about 40 miles SE of Salem.
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