Am I over feeding?

Discussion in 'Goats' started by SDjulieinSC, Oct 17, 2006.

  1. SDjulieinSC

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    Aug 8, 2005
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    A while back I started a thread about my "pig-mee's", thought they were cute and acted like they were ALWAYS starving. Still do.
    Now I am begining to wonder if I really am over feeding them. They honestly look like basketballs (with a softball on the side) with legs.
    They are in a grass lot that they don't eat much of. I give them a about a cup of alfalfa pellets and a handfull of 16% goat pellet each 2x a day. Grass hay(don't ever see them eating it) in AM and kudzu in PM.
    They are about 12-15 # pygmys. Am I just overdoing it? Or are they suposed to look like that? I don't want them to explode!
  2. FarmGoddess

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    Sep 21, 2006
    I don't think there is any such thing as 'overfeeding' a goat. Mine are pigs in disguise. Don't stand between them and the food trough.

  3. Caprice Acres

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    Mar 6, 2005
    Yes, you can overfeed them. They do get fat, which is not healthy, and causes problems kidding... Which purebred pygmies have enough problems with anyways. To see if they are overweight, you can feel thier chest to see if you can feel a bunch of 'extra skin' or if you can rub your hand around and the skin 'jiggles' like fat. Also, you should be able to count ribs but not have to look for htem too hard, with your hands/fingers.
    It also depends on how old they are. My open, dry does, bucks, and does that are not in the last month of pregnancy get no grain, alfalfa pellets, (or hay, in the summer if thier pasture's good). My bucks haven't had grain in over a year. They haven't had hay since last winter. And yet they look pregnant ;). (and yes, they were recently wormed)
    The does have grazed down thier pasture so the last few days I've been giving them hay. The little doelings that are around 3 months old still get grain (about a cup twice a day) and will continue getting grain till about 8 months of age. Reduce or add more food as body condition changes. Yes, goats will act continually hungry; That's just what they do.