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What state are you in? Have a nice liberal limit. Here in E. Texas, the professional biologists have destroyed our deer herds. Limit us to one buck, but kill two does. Couple years back, it was one buck, and four does. Said our poor deer were starving. BS. The bios were surveying a herd behind an unhunted high fence area. When they visited our leases, they explained their methodolgy...counting tracks, scat, etc. Except the scat they were counting was rabbit scat.

We use to kill two bucks, and does by permit only. We would get 40 bucks a year, now, lucky to see any deer at all, maybe 5 bucks a year. But a whole new generation of doe hunters entered the field, all of a sudden, yahoos who couldn't even see a buck, could kill a truckload of does. Of course they complained the next several years about not being able to kill so many 'easy does'. Weren't raised on bull/buck can service many cows/does. Kill all your cows and does, and you'll have no young next year. Amazing how many people will argue this ain't so.
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