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Discussion in 'Homesteading Questions' started by Treesaw100, Nov 27, 2004.

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    Nov 27, 2004
    Hello to all! Newbie here. After many childhood years of rural living, I am almost there again...thank goodness!!! Purchased a small farm (30 acres) in rural Northwest Missouri, but still living and working here outside Chicago. Have used the farm as a vacation home getting it ready...remodeling, etc. The farm is 15 acres of heavy mature hardwoods and 15 acres of gently rolling pasture. I also have a large Morton barn (50X40, maybe...unsure). It has a dirt floor. I have collected antiques for many years and plan to sell on Ebay as well as do fleamarkets in the summer. I also thought I'd raise a few cattle...and already have a Welsh pony who just recently...and unexpectedly...brought a filly. We've made friends at the farm and they're taking care of things. Any advice on what to expect...been living in the city now all my adult life??? Also, any thoughts on one I might do in addition for an income. I suspect part-time jobs in the area pay only $6.50. Any thouhts also on the budget Ie outlined...

    health insurance $400
    car insurance $75
    home insurance $80
    life insurance $40
    electric $100
    water $25
    phone $45
    cells $60
    satellite $40
    internet $25
    food/gas/animals $400

    Obviously, this is a HUGE mental leap for me. As prepared as I am for the mental, I'm still a little concerned about the financial. Any words of wisdom would be appreciated. Thank you all!!!
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    Welcome new poster, may I suggest you read the Country Families forum very closely, there are some people over there that are so tight that their money squeaks in their wallet as they walk!! The frugalness ideas have been discussed many times before so a search useing the word 'budget' or similiar should offer you much advise. Also check out the archives, follow it in until you see 'countryside', click there and schroll down.

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    Oct 25, 2004
    Just a few suggestions from our experience. Both of us were born and raised in the city so we are really greenhorns when it comes to country living. 1) Get to know your neighbors and don't hesitate to ask them for advice. We're lucky enough to have some great neighbors who have bailed us out of a few jams and given us some wise advice. 2) No matter how much you budget for "unexpected expenses", it's never enough. Consider letting the satellite go. We have no TV reception, and don't miss it. Usually too busy, too tired anyway! 3) A sense of humor really helps! Enjoy the adventure. Laugh at your mistakes and feeble attempts at trying new things. Relish each accomplishment. Even little things like changing the oil in a tractor, putting up an electric fence, and wiring a barn feel great if you've never done it before.
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    2 things

    1. Misc. 25% of the budget, and 2. An item on the budget for develping your land.

    After all, you must BUY the critters before you can feed them! Also mend a fence or a barn when it is damaged, etc. There *will* be repair bills.

    Ken Sharabok has an E-book on making money in a rural area. He will send it free if you ask him.