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I was driving along with the kids in the car -- not way out in the country...well, we live in a semi-rural area with booming development, which of course means the deer do still have places to live but it's shrinking, therefore we see them in inappropriate places more and more. We were on an unfamiliar road, out on a geocaching excursion!

Now, my DH has hit deer twice, and totaled the car both times. Totaling a car is easy to do when said car is only worth $500 to begin with. :) Both times were late at night.

DD is a very sensitive animal only a sweet 11 year old girl can be...and I don't think she's ever really accepted or understood how DH could have hit and killed those deer. Roadkill really disturbs her; not having actual driving experience it's hard to understand how animals get hit by drivers who really don't want to hit them. I hit and killed a squirrel once. It still bothers me. It was crossing and I thought it would be fine....but at the last minute the dang thing turned around. :Bawling:

So...we're driving and suddenly this big doe pops out of the bushes and crosses the road. "Wow," I exclaim, slowing down to make sure I don't hit it. It occurs to me in that moment that deer rarely run alone...where there's one, there might be more, so I pause just a bit to make sure, but not too long so I don't make the guy behind me mad. No deer. I drive on. Then sure enough, the second dashes out...right behind me, so close that its hoof clipped my car, I heard it thump. No injuries, no dents, all is well.

OK, she understands now how easy it is to hit a deer in the car, and I guess now she can forgive that grudge she's been holding against her dad.

What she cannot understand is why people hunt deer and eat venison. Oh, yes, I guess it would be better to allow them to multiply and get smashed along the roads by the thousands, or invade suburban yards and risk injury or poisoning, wreck costly landscaping...or starve and thirst due to insufficient resources to support the population.

It's just too darn bad we can't stop this urban sprawl - why does everyone seem to need NEW $500K houses on neat little cul-de-sacs built 20 feet apart? It's not just the deer, it's a whole range of wildlife being forced out of their homes and into human territory where they become "pests."

Like that movie, Over The Hedge -- a terrific movie, I think, just for its message -- but I'm not sure it did much good. Just got a laugh.

Oh well, I'm not sure exactly where I'm going with this...just venting, I guess. And grateful we missed.
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