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All you breadmakers watch this and tell me if it makes sense.

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Anyone ever tried this. I know I can pick up blenders for 1.00 at garage sales.
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You can use a blender to chop up lots of hard stuff....just don't expect the blender to work for very long. It takes a LOT of energy to grind up wheat/oats/corn. The motor will be churning for quite a while in order to make even 2 cups of flour....poof! there goes the motor.

not sure I could cope with the noise, either.
I have to agree with Ann. I did try using my blender and I was able to grind grains acouple of times before the motor burned out. I tried a food processor and the same thing happened after about 5 or 6 uses. I ended up buying the Back To Basics Grain Mill. Very tiresome to use but it lasts.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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