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I have not used an Alaskan Chain Saw Mill "extensively". I have no desire to torture myself in such a manner. In a very short time, it became apparant that these things are useless junk......astronomically over rated.

IMHO, to get the sensation of using one of these mills, do the following: remove hat and everything from your head, then bend over slightly and run full steam, ramming your head into a tree. After you come back to consciousness, and the pain starts, you will have an excellent example of what one of these mills are all about. "Butting your head against a tree".

The mills are physically hard on a person and not all that easy to use. Sharpening depends on the amount of debris you are sawing through.

IMHO, here is a better option. Go to Menards/Home Depot/Lowes/etc and pick through the lumber they offer. When you're tossing to the side some of the crap they mix in with the good lumber, remember this, the crap you're tossing aside will be 10 times better than anything you could ever dream of producing with the chain saw mill!
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