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I bought an Agromaster DM2555 drum mower this winter at auction so I can have a "mobile" hay rig this season that works with my compact tractor. (Kubota L3200). I have a 4 acre permit about 30 miles away covered in really nice Bahia.

I got a really good deal on this mower but it needed a little TLC. Come to find out, there isnt a whole lot of info on the internet about this piece of equipment, so it was a learning process. The cross bar/brace was broken, the blades all needed replaced, and I had no idea how to set it up on my tractor.

Turns out a lot of small vendors import this very same model in various colors, put their own name on it and sell it. It's a great hay mower, really.

I finally got it up and going today and gave it a test run. Ran like Forest Gump. It spins really, really fast. Normally I'll engage the PTO on something slowly at low RPMs and run it up, doing that killed the tractor with this mower. Theres such a geared up ratio you need to run the engine up first.

I made a quick video,

I've learned a lot about this machine over the last couple months so I'd like to be able to fill in any knowledge gaps out there in the community. I recommend this mower to any small timers looking to put up some hay but runs small equipment.
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