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Hello :) I am looking after my landlords 3 sheep (one ewe and 2 lamb rams; one being the lamb of the ewe & the other of the ewes daughter who passed). I love observing them & enjoy looking after them - however, I have noticed the ewe being quite aggressive with both lambs.

The owners lost two sheep in the summer (a ewe and a ewe lamb). One Ram is incredibly sturdy, so he can handle a head butting, but the other is quite fragile and small and I worry she might kill him. Previously they hadn’t shown any aggression towards each other - I notice it mostly after they have been fed or during. They have access to grazing at all times & are fed 3-4 scoops of hay between them. Is it possible the ewe isn’t getting enough to eat or might it be her hormones kicking up since it’s now autumn & she wants to mate?

its really awful to see, and I don’t think the owners mind them much attention, so I would like to make them aware of what’s happening when they are back.
Kindly... a
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