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  1. Kee Wan

    Kee Wan Well-Known Member

    Sep 20, 2005
    A friend saw this website:

    and asked me what I thought.....

    Anyone got an opinion??

    What I said - after looking abou tthe website a bit was:
    1. no where does it say HOW it all works.
    2. GOD created things to grow in DIRT - water plants are FOUND in water - and I have never seen a plant growing in air.
    3. I HATE hydroponic tomaotes - they taste like pablum - I cannot imagine an "aeroponic" tomato
    4. It's all testimonials. NO research articles - no peer reviewed publications.....

    Anyone got either:
    an opinion
    an experience

    to share with us.....
  2. jasper

    jasper Well-Known Member

    Aug 28, 2006
    I have a great deal of experience with organic hydroponic growing and am sorry your experience has not been good. Aeroponics are also a very viable growing medium.

    Plants do not need soil at all. All vegetation requires nutrients,light, and air. All are provided by hydroponics and/or aeoroponics.

    Currently Cornell University has provided an entire hydroponics/aeroponics gardening facility in Ithaca, NY. The garden provides employment for learning disabled while at the same time provides organic produce to the Ithaca Farmers Market.

  3. swamp man

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    Dec 25, 2005
    Fairfield, Iowa
    I fooled around with aeroponics years ago,while I was also experimenting with hydoponics.It's my experience that with aeroponics you can grow,bigger,more bountiful crops MUCH faster,but it's a pain in the backside.Without any real medium(like soil,for example)there is no "buffer"for what the plants are exposed to,and it's a very unforgiving system.PH and nutrient levels can easily get whacked out,can be frustrating to bring back into balance,and the plants will die very quickly if something isn't"just so".Also,no matter how clean you keep the operation,those misters get clogged up easily,and a clogged mister=a dead plant,and fast.To keep misters clear,(even with a good$$$$$ system),many things need to be checked often,and adjusted to prevent algae from developing and clogging them up.Light,temperature,nute levels,and all the stuff invoved with algae growth must be kept to a "T".If not,forget about it.I went"high tech"for a bit,but have come full circle back to how I started gardening-Real simple outdoor gardens.
    If you wanna' put the time and energy into aeroponics,its a great system.If not,It's a pain.