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I bought a pair of the aerogardens and the wall mount shelving unit from craigslist today for what seems like a steal! Hoping to grow lettuce and some herbs through the winter.

Anyone have any insights into what seeds would work best in this system?
I am NOT paying $20/kit for their seeds. Nope.

Just in lettuce alone these could pay for themselves by Feb - if all works well.

Any advice? seed recommendations?


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You can use any seed you want that is viable. I did a lot of hydroponics last summer. If you are into saving seed, just pick from the plants that do best in your system and save those and you will develop your own special strain of whatever you are growing. Good luck.

ETA: Lettuce is one of the easiest plants to grow. I have seen hydroponic systems growing lettuce that didn't even add nutrients!! Just plain old water. A lot of herbs are rather easy to.
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