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    We recently experienced the death of two of our three alpacas (I posted the story in the dog forum). Had a solo boy for about two days but then acquired two new boys, from the same farm. They all seem to be getting along ok, with just a little fighting. The solo boy is gelded, the new boys are younger and still intact. We don't show them, have them just for the fiber, so they don't get handled much.

    The biggest immediate problem is the solo boy hogs the food. We give pellets once a day and he won't let them get close to eat. One of the newbies is getting some but then he won't let the third (youngest and smallest) get close. And the new boys are skittish enough that they won't let us get close to even give them any by hand.

    Any advice on how to get them to share better? Or at least tolerate enough to get to the food?

    One other question. We bring them inside at night (and in really cold weather) into an 8' x 16' stall. Pondering if we would add a fourth is there enough room.
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    One of my friends had the same problem. Use two feeding stations. One dish for the hog, the second for the other two. Depending on the ground surface, you can also scatter the feed so they have to hunt and peck.

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    set up more then one feeder would be my suggestion