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A friend called me after recently purchasing property that has an additional parcel of about an acre of fenced grass. He was asking about suggestions of perhaps having a cow graze the grass. The previous owner had used a variety of animals at different times from what he was told.

My friend also asked about raising beef on the grass to be butchered later.

I have absolutely no experience in this and would appreciate any input, suggestions or reading material you could recommend.

Sorry for the ignorance in this matter and thanks for your time.

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an acre of grass might be enough to raise a calf, or it might not. depends on where it is and what's growing in it.

more info would be helpful.


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One acre of very good grass will keep a smallish milk cow and one sheep. The cow will give you milk, butter, yogurt, cheese, and a calf each year you can sell to buy winter hay or for meat in the freezer. The sheep will eat the short grass the cow leaves behind and provide wool for local spinners and a lamb or two to sell or for the freezer.

You will need to devide you one acre into four smaller lots and rotate the cow with the sheep in the paddock right behind her.

Both varmints can be AI'd or carried to a bull or ram when they are in heat.

If your one acre is a bit weedy, run a milk goat in with the sheep to clean up the odd bits. Again, she will provide kids for the freezer or the market.

If you are feeding any grain to the cow get two or three chickens to follow her around and glean what she didn't digestand to keep your acre nearly free of bugs and ticks. They will give you eggs for breakfast and other uses in the trade-off.

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