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If you could only have one variety of a particular veggie what would it be. If you could only grow one cherry tomato, which one. Only one slicer? Only one sweet pepper? Only one hot? Only one cucumber, summer squash, winter squash, etc........ Maybe we would see some recurring varieties that we might try. Thanks.

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Tomato-Brandywine (slicing)
Oxheart (cooking, canning)
Corn-Golden King
Orka- Spineless Clemson
Watermelon-Crimson Sweet
Cukes--English burpless (I hate/don't do pickles)
Summer Squash- Crookneck yellow
Winter Squash--Butternut
Peas--6week Pinkeye
green beans--Blue Lake

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a few for starters:

Brussel Sprouts....Bubbles or Oliver
Sweet Corn...Illini super sweet (if the season length allows)
Tomato...Celebrity, sweet gold, Viva Italia for processing
Summer Squash....Sunburst
Winter Squash... Cream of the Crop Acorn
Peas...Sugar Ann snap peas, dwarf gray snowpeas
String beans....Rocdor, Yellow Roma, Slenderette
Melons....Fastbreak, Alaska
Onions...Copra or Sweet Sandwich(storage), Alisa Craig (fresh, not storing), Red Burgermaster (red onion)
Brocolli....Green Goliath
Lettuce...Victoria or Buttercrunch
Swiss Chard...Bright Lights
Dry Bean...French Horticultural
Cabbage... Red Acre (red), Savoy Ace, Premium Late Dutch (green storage), Blues (chinese cabbage)
Kohlrabi...Purple Vienna
Cauliflower....SnowCrown or Snowflake
Leeks...American Flag
Pepper...Gypsy or Super Shepherd

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Tomato (slicing) - Rose de Berne
Tomato (sauce) - Amish Paste
Bell Pepper - Gourmet (orange)
Lettuce - Mervielle de Saisons
Carrot (fresh eating) - Mokum
Carrot (storage) - Bolero
Peas (shelling) - Maestro
Peas (sugarsnap) - Sugar Sprint
Peas (snow) - Oregon Sugar Pod II
Onions - Ailsa Craig
Onions (storage) - Copra
Potatoes (early) - Red Gold
Potatoes (storage) - Carola
Rutabagas - Laurentian
Winter Squash - Sunshine
Summer Squash - Bennings Green Tint
Sweet Corn - Bodacious
Kale - Winterbor
Spinach - Space
Sweet Potatoes - Beauregard
Cucumber - Diva
Beans - Fortex
Pumpkins (pie) - Baby Pam
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