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    Hi all,

    I have two 3 wk old Holstein calves that I've been bottle feeding with goat's milk that I canned last fall (70 gallons!). Got them from the local dairy when they were a few hours old. They came with a couple of gallons of colostrum so I know they got that because I gave it to them! :D They have been doing great and still are - eating grain and hay now and bouncing around...they remind me of my goat kids only bigger!

    One of them has a lump at the side of his jaw. It was there yesterday morning, but not the day before. It's hard and solid - can't wiggle it or move it around and he doesn't even notice when I'm messing with it. Yesterday he also had a dry cough. I called the vet and he told me to give 10cc of LA200 IM for four days, but not to lance the lump or anything because I'd just get blood out of it, if anything at this point anyway. He thought it might be Past. pneumonia because of the cough.

    He's still eating quite well, kicking heels and playing and running like there's nothing wrong. Today his cough is gone (only one dose of antibiotics so far), but the lump is still there, still hard and solid and not moveable.

    Any clues? Is it really p. pnuemonia? I don't see any cut or anything inside his mouth...that was my other thought - posisbly a chunk of hay that got loged in his gum? But I don't see anything there (not that he holds real still for me to look, but I tried!).

    Just wanting to be sure that this is what I'm supposed to be doing for him. Last year I lost one of my calves, but this year they're both doing so well...I'd hate to not do something I should have and then lose him over it...


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    vet might know alot more then me but.....i thought la200 worked for three days with just one shot why ....10 cc for 4 days is strange to me i hqave had those bumps on cows and i always lance it give la200 and in a few days there gone but that is cows not calfs...if it was mine i might stick a needle in it see if i could pull out something with the surige

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    could be just a calcium deposit, on beef cows you spread the LA200 shot out so it isn't so much at once in one spot, as it will leave scar tissue at the injection site in the beef.