Abortion shots for dogs

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    Jun 30, 2002
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    Can someone tell me about this?The dog that has lived here since last fall is in heat.She had pups Jan19th.We were in the process of giving her the shots requried before getting her fixed.The shots had to be 3-4 weeks apart,she came in heat a few days after the first shots.I didnt think this would happen till at least June or July.
    I really think I should just take her to the animal shelter,since her origanal owners couldnt care less what happens to her.I would like to find her a good home but no one wants a pregnant dog,although her first litter was beautiful and the smartest pups I have ever seen.We had no problem finding homes for all 6 of them.
    If I get her this shot and get her fixed maybe someone will take her.we just cant keep her much longer.I can get a voucher from the humane society and it wont cost much for the spaying and only 5.00 for rabies shot.
    I would call the local vet and ask ?s but he is only there 1 hour a day and busy.
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    If I'm not mistaken you are asking about Lutalyse..it is given to livestock to sync up their heat cycles. Though I'm sure it would work for a dog I'm not entirely sure of the safety of using the medication in this manner

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    The brand name for it is MisMate, and I don't know the chemical name. Most vets don't use it at all any more because it's easier & cheaper just to spay her while pregnant, and the shot often promoted pyo in later seasons in bitches that people wanted to NOT spay. Especially since she's in heat now, just wait till she comes out and get her spayed 3 weeks later. The only shot TOTALLY required is rabies, in an adult dog and any other shot she needs should only have to be given once in an adult, AFAIK. Call your vet ASAP and call around.

  4. westbrook

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    May 10, 2002
    lutalyse is what is used. It causes the dog to abort, cramp up, shiver, and be in a whole lot of pain. I wouldn't use it and most vets won't use it anymore.
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    May 13, 2003
    It is more expensive to take the pups at the same time as getting her fixed, but it's quick, easy, and safe.