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<the honey has such a high sugar concentration that it cannot ferment>

All nectar/honey contains yeast. It is differnet from the yeast that is used in cooking and making alcoholic drinks. They grow only in rich sugar solutions. Normaly honey contains 19% or less water, but if the water content ever goes above 19% you do run the risk of fermenting the honey. I have seen capped honey with a water content of 22%. This is rare but can happon.

This leaves the beekeeper with only a few options.
1. pasteurize the honey, to kill the yeast. (heating it above 160 deg. F)
2. keep the moisture content below 19% (17% to 18% is what you are looking for) most beekeepers let warm air pass through the supers for 24hrs. before they start extracting.
3. freze it or keep it in the frig...this will crystallize the honey faster, but it does work.

Formus are great for quick answers and advice, but buy and read alot of books on honey bees. Even then it will take a year or two, to really get the hang of it. Join a local bee club or association and try and meet with beekeepers in your area. They will be able to answer your questions about what works best in your area.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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