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I wonder, i your state can you claim the high property tax as a business deduction? In Kansas the taxes are FAR less. However, the prices that you can sell at are also lower. That being said, the gent in the video owns 2 big greenhouses, a tractor, a pickup, and a couple of vehicles that are kind of like golf carts. However it took many years before he could afford those: first he had to work longer than a 40 hour week in order to become successful

I chose this video because it illustrates a problem that is common to everyone with a small piece of land, and I shared the gent's solution: he had MANY streams of income until he was successful with one of them. Different areas might have different solutions: for example the land here is suited to sheep and goats, but nobody would buy the meat or offspring because very few people out here eat lamb or goats.

A gent named Elliot Coleman found a different profitable outlet IN HIS AREA, when he sold vegetables out of his greenhouse IN MAINE. That did work for him, and he also wrote how-to books for people who wanted to do the same. He also has a website (or at least he did) that you can look him up, if you wish it. Here is a link to one of his books: it is not his best book but at least I remember the name of it: "Four season harvest" by Elliot Coleman

Lynn Byczinski found a market on raising and selling flowers, and she also wrote a book about it called "The flower farmer". Basically, she has a good eye for flower arranging. She found IN HER AREA that she could raise and sell flowers for a high profit.

And, Joel Salatin makes a good profit from selling organic meat off of his farm for prices that are FAR higher than store prices.. Basically, he sends out forms to his regular customers and they order how many chickens (or other meat) they want him to raise, slaughter, and package up for them. That way he supplies what the market demands, with no surplus. One of his books is "you can farm". However, he makes a big point of telling people to pay off their land first, as hi considers it to be too difficult to support yourself AND pay off land. I am pretty sure that having tax payments of $400 - odd dollars a month would also make things difficult. AND THE LAWS IN HIS STATE WILL BE DIFFERENT from the laws in your state. Especially with selling meat: the different laws will matter and will be enforced
Just to point out (and not putting him down for it), Joel Salatin makes a lot more money from his books and speaking engagements than from his farm sales. He commands those high prices for his farm products because of his celebrity, not just because they are high quality. This is something that is hard for someone else to duplicate.
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