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I have searched the internet far and wide for the answer to this question but ive been getting nothing...
is there any way that does can line up their due dates and time births to happen at the exact same time? Kinda like how if women live together for a long enough time their periods will stay on a similar schedule to each other..?
i have two pregnant does and one of them, butter, started showing signs of labor on thursday.. just the typical bagging up more, white and clear discharge, tail ligaments disappearing, etc.. so i move her to the kidding pen and we’re good.
then the next day when im sittingoutin her stall i look over (the goat pen is easy to see through the kidding stall, i like to think it keeps my more social does calm when they can see their penmates) to my other goat, scotch, bleating furiously.. i just assumed that she was anxious because butter wasnt in the pen anymore so i wrote it off but made a note to check on her every once in a while.
then about an hour or two later i go out scotch to see whats up and lo and behold shes draining tons of stringy clear discharge and her ligaments are gone as well!
I bought both does from auction so they very well could have had the same breeding date, but i assumed that butter had been bred before then because she was brought to auction with a buck.
Is this just a funny coincidence or has anyone else experienced their does doing this?
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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