A lore of the white deer of the Chickasaw People of Oklahoma

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    May 2, 2003
    Seeing the photo of the Albina deer had be searching for more on this beautiful creature and I found this and thought of posting it.
    A lore of the Chickasaw People of Oklahoma

    A brave, young warrior for the Chickasaw Nation fell in love with the daughter of a chief. The chief did not like the young man, who was called Blue Jay. So the chief invented a price for the bride that he was sure that Blue Jay could not pay.

    " Bring me the hide of the White Deer, : said the chief. The Chickasaws believed that animals that were all white were magical. "The price for my daughter is one white deer." Then the chief laughed. The chief knew that an all white deer, an albino, was very rare and would be very hard to find. White deerskin was the best material to use in a wedding dress, and the best white deer skin came from the albino deer.

    Blue Jay went to his beloved, whose name was Bright Moon. "I will return with your bride price in one moon, and we will be married. This I promise you." Taking his best bow and his sharpest arrows Blue Jay began to hunt.

    Three weeks went by, and Blue Jay was often hungry, lonely, and scratched by briars. Then, one night during a full moon, Blue Jay saw a white deer that seemed to drift through the moonlight. When the deer was very close to where Blue Jay hid, he shot his sharpest arrow. The arrow sank deep into the deers heart. But instead of sinking to his knees to die, the deer began to run. And instead of running away, the deer began to run toward Blue Jay, his red eyes glowing, his horns sharp and menacing.

    A month passed and Blue Jay did not return as he had promised Bright Moon. As the months dragged by, the tribe decided that he would never return.

    But Bright Moon never took any other young man as a husband, for she had a secret. When the moon was shinning as brightly as her name, Bright Moon would often see the white deer in the smoke of the campfire, running, with an arrow in his heart. She lived hoping the deer would finally fall, and Blue Jay would return.

    To this day the white deer is sacred to the Chickasaw People, and the white deerskin is still the favorite material for the wedding dress.
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    Interesting but sad. Thanks!

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    I grew up with a herd of albino deer next property over, there were about 20 more or less, from pinto to fully white.

    It was said that killing an albino was bad luck, and it proved to be true, a nieghbor killed one, had more bad luck than anyone i know of, he gave it away and his bad luck ceased, but followed with the white skin.

    Another friend found one already dead, did a taxidermy job on it, and proceeded to become allergic to the chemicals he used in his photography business, to the point he sold his prospering business.

    This is true happenings, these could be psycho-symatic <----- you try spelling that.... but a curse is a curse, and i never did shoot anything totally white, although i had plenty of chance...... I was back up near there a few years ago, and that property where those deer hung out was cut up into 5 acre plots, and the next piece of timberground was cut over so not much cover remained for them, i oo not know if the herd remains or not, perhaps they moved over to Mike Ohelers place which was only across the county road.

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    Interesting Daileyjoy, thanks for the post.
    We have a few albino deer in our area. They are soooo beautiful. :)
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    White deer are also a sign of boundaries. Sometimes in stories used to show a boundry between lands but with deeper spiritual meanings. In some cultures they represent sexual boundaries.
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    I love that story! Thanks for posting it.