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Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by sellis, Nov 14, 2006.

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    Apr 7, 2006
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    the wife and i bought 243 acres and from the start decided we were going to allow only family to hunt , well an older gentlemen came to our house and got out of his truck and approached our house rather slowly , he asked if he could hunt for deer on our place, well after talking to him for about an hour the wife and i both relented and let him hunt , he was a great guy to talk to and during the conversation found out he was hadicapped (vietnam ) and could only walk about 400 feet ,also he had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer recently . well with the deal sealed he got a monster 4 point mulie and came to our house almost in tears ,he was so excited and hugged us apparently he has been trying to hunt on places for years but all the property around us has been reserved for hunt clubs, well his wife called tonight she was wanting our adress as she was bring over some sausage he had made from the deer and told us he hasnt been this happy in years , i encourage all to let the older people hunt on your place most have been brought up to respect the land , this gentleman will be allowed also to hunt birds to .. to any hunters who cant find a place that are older you are more than welcome to hunt on our place and cabin fever your more than welcome to .sellis
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    Thats a great story. Good for you!

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    Jan 1, 2005
    :goodjob: :goodjob: :clap: :clap:
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    I did not see Cabin fever as being that old..
    Thats great I am glad you let a few elderly folks hunt.
    I used to have a place with a nice 1.5 acre lake.and it was visible during the winter months from the road. Would often have older folks stopping by wishing to fish. Some were so feeble we were afraid of them falling going or coming from the lake.But we did let a few fish..
    This year my son wants to deer hunt. he and I will be hunting on my fathers farm. My dad only lets a few people hunt.One guy will trap groundhogs and such out from under the barns and corncribs.The other guy, well in my opinion he doesn't do squat for my father.But yet my dad lets him hunt with his son
    anyhow.Worse part is he usually hunts in the same area that My son and I plan to hunt.
    So I am in a dilema, beat the guy to the area? Or hunt somewhere else on the farm.?
    There has been a large nontypical buck spotted quite often in the area that he and I both wish to hunt.I would hate for a stranger to shoot a record buck in my sons area.(this is not like fishing and catching a huge bass and putting it back.)its dead
    I have a few more days to figure out what I am going to do.
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    Sep 4, 2003
    I'm 59 & I hunt with a great friend who is a spry 83. We've been hunting together for 27yrs. Hopefully, we'll have good luck again this year on my place. I wouldn't like to have to ask permission to hunt on someone else's property, but I would be Grateful if someone said Yes.