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A few more pic's

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Here is a link to my webshots album of my chicken coop and pen. I have it just about down except a little chicken wire up on top. I did it all myself and I am very over weight and 51 years old. Who says you can't teach a old dog new tricks LOL Oh since we have had some rain I havn't painted the name on the side yet but I am going to pain Coop Cluck and Pluck LOL
heres the link hope you like
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Great job!!!!!
Wow, you did a great job, I love it!

I have found that most projects are accomplished by mental determination rather than physical prowess. I know so many women who can't/won't do something because they're convinced they can't do it. They've defeated themselves before even giving it a try. I am often asked, how can you do that without your husband? What answer can I give except, "I just jumped in and did it."?

I hope your coop is an inspiration to others that they can do things, too.
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