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Burrs are a pain and sheep don't eat them or mullin, or thistle either. You can jacket the sheep to sell a "clean" fleece if you do it right. Generally speaking raw wool is nearly worthless. Some people process it themselves wash card and even spin it and then sell it on Ebay or through local guilds etc. You would have to like the work and do it right to make it pay. And have the right breed of sheep too! Meat should sell pretty well, you havn't alot of land to keep many so I'm not sure you'd make a profit after buying winter feed. You're looking at 10 ewes with lambs worth of pasture, unless the horses (you have or just know about, horses?) are using the land too. Yes sheep eat grain, excellent hay (not all grass hay) and good pasture and they wouldn't need much if any. Drop off the quality and they'll need some grain and there are some advantages to feeding a little anyhow. Count on feeding at least a half pound (low teens protein) each per day in the winter. (winter is around 200 days in Ohio?) A good three sided shelter should be fine; wet is bad cold is OK if fed to accomodate it and shearing is done so there is at least an inch of cover by cold. Sheep are a little bit higher maitenance than goats but are a little bit easier to handle (IMO) You might want to ask on the goat board, angora fibre sells pretty well and you could consider llamas or alpacas too.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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