A couple of piggie questions...

Discussion in 'Pigs' started by CountryGoalie, Jun 21, 2006.

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    Aug 31, 2004
    How secure does fencing need to be in order to keep pigs behind it? We currently have three sections of pasture done up for our horses, with varying combinations of polytape electric strands - at the moment the number around the big pasture section is just three - a thick strand is the highest, with two thinner strands placed proportionately down the post.

    Do pigs respect electric fence? If so, how close to the ground do the strands need to be (we live in lake effect snow country), and how close together should they be?

    Also, which livestock do pigs tend to get along with, and what will they not get along with? IE, would they be all right with sharing pasture with two horses? And obviously, we would need to find a way to keep Rocky the rooster from foraging around the horses' feed bowls, right?

    Just trying to do some basic research that would apply to my situation...
  2. Up North

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    Nov 28, 2005
    I think that you will find that most people here have had good luck with keeping hogs in an area with electric fence. At most you may have to vary the height of the fence to suit your pig. I have a large gilt that I keep in an electric fence. I have two strands set up. One is at the level of her snout and the other is at the level of her ears.

    I don't think an electric fence would be quite as effective in the winter. We get high snow fall too and the fences tend to short out. I put my hogs in a welded wire fence for the winter. It is 5' high so that if it snows alot it's no big deal. They have a shelter to go into and we give them round bales to burrow into. The downside of doing this is that you have a big pen to clean out come spring. The upside is that we don't worry about them getting out in the winter. We don't keep our hogs with any other critters so I can't comment on that.


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    UpNorth is correct, as usual. I use both electric and regular farm fencing (the kind with the small squares on the bottom and larger squares on top). It doesn't need to be very tall...4' is fine. Just keep in mind that you will need a rail or board along the very bottom to stop them from rooting under and escaping. Electric fencing can be a two-strand...one at 8-12 inches and the other a 16-24. Depends on the size of the pig.

    The problem with keeping pigs in with horses wouldn't be the pigs. Having owned and trained horses my whole life, I would never trust a horse in with a pig. A pigs' pasture would be too rich for a horse also. A pig would love a pasture rich in alfalfa and clover. Do a search on google "pastured pigs" or "pastured hogs". Good luck!!