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A Couple of Photos

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These were taken yesterday. Itchy is the black sow playing with a stick. The potbelly cross is the red one in the background. The spotted one in the second photo is due to farrow May 16. So far I've not gotten the phenotype I was looking for but the excitement is excellent. I love baby piglets!

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Aw... they're great! Pigs are so much fun, we raise a couple every couple of years for the freezer. Make sure you post your baby pictures!
just what is the phenotype you want ,that would let us know how the program is going. by the way great pictures so far keep them coming.
Thanks James and CJ. James, I am looking for the pure Razorback look. That is, longer legs, shorter straight tails, longer snouts, smaller ears. The razorback doesn't look as piggy as mine do. Itchy's ears are way too big and the curl in the tail implies a Spanish influence. The black and white one has a very nice type but short legs and of course the wrong color. I was hoping her babies would show more of the razorback influence from my boar but all have curly tails. I have one more shot with the spotted one. If she doesn't throw out a better definition of razorback she wil also go to the freezer and I will start over except that Itchy and the boar Scratchy are here to stay. On a side note those really long cutters one sees on the hunted boars are artificially influenced. The boars on preserves are usually castrated to grow larger quicker and the whetters- the top teeth that keep the cutters sharpened on the bottom- are cut out. Without the whetters the cutters grow huge. My boar has his whetters intact and at a year of age both are about an inch and a quarter long. I've got a photo of him I'll post.
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