A big thank you to the Saffari Park of VA

Discussion in 'Countryside Families' started by lyteora, Dec 14, 2006.

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    I don't know I many of you remember but earlier this year I was looking for ideas to get ready for my Dh's layoff from the plant he had worked at for almost 9 years. Well he was laid off at the end of September and all the great ideas and prayers have been an enormous blessing. He did decide to go out on his owe building and remodling. He has had steady work but just starting out its still slow and we are trying to be very careful with our money. Well yesterday my DD came home with a big beautiful blue coat with fuzzy fur around the hood, she was told that she and anouther boy in her class (as well as the other grades) had their names drawn and were given the coats! In her bookbag was a note that the Virginia Saffari Park had donated coats to the schools in our county! :angel: Isnt that amazing! We had decided to wait till next year to get new coats for the kids because although a little worn they could still wear what they had from last year, kind of hoping they didnt grow too much more till spring :rolleyes: . My DD is writing a big thank you to the Park after school today. The plant DH worked at had around 300 employees and when he was laid off there was less than 100 still working and even more have been let go since then, lots still looking for work, most have to go out of the co. because nobody else is hiring that many. So I'm sure these coats are going to a lot of these families. The Saffari park is really neat too if you are ever in SW VA! lyte
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    Coats. What a wonderful thoughtfull thing for people to give. It sounds like you are wise with what you have. I say that because in the long run a coat that fits well and is warm just might help your child do more and stay healthier.

    The child will be better able to play out side than sit around, they child will be able to help do out side work and learn labor. Many time it seems that some people only want to give fashionable toys and wow items. We have no extra for clothes and yet we have closes blood (grandparents that are well heeded) that will be sending a playstation for our boy because our suggestions of basic clothing items are too boring. So its duct tape to cover a hole in his winter boots till we find another pair for him. Even when the child himself asked for church shoes that was not "something that the grandparents wanted to be remembered by" I wish you and your family a merry Christmas.