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A Bear came for a visit....

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Well not so much at our place, but 5 houses up at my MIL's, he hung out for an hour.... Eating what was left of the pears, while laying under the pear tree.... laying on my sister in laws porch.... took his time, strolling across the yard, past my MIL who stood on her backporch (with a flash light, watching him) up to the woods....

She called us to "brag" after he was gone.... So exciting..... :D
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How exciting! I bet you wish you were there. I know if I were there I'd be out there getting as close as possible.
we usually have a visit in the fall also, i have alarms out to scare them away from the hives and the alarms haven't gone off so far.
WHOA next time try to get pictures!!!!

I think it's time to buy my MIL a camera (digital).... something cheap & simple that she can work without frustration.... Hmmm, Christmas is coming....
I can just picture him lounging around eating pears. :) and then a little relaxing on the funny!

our neighbor across the road saw me the other day and went on about the bear in his yard. (they're pretty far back, so I don't see this neighbor often) ya know...some 'big warning' (but sometimes I find that the men around here think that's something that will freak out 'the little lady' lol) he also just had a battle with a skunk family that decided to move in under his porch. THEN he happens to mention how they love to watch the deer come in the yard, so he puts out peanuts. hmmmmm.....I would have liked to think he could figure out for himself why the bear is now in his yard....but ........then again....what would this 'little lady' know.

then suddenly even I had a craving for peanuts. :)
When we lived in Northern Connecticut, there were lots of bears nearby. They got so bad about tearing up people's birdfeeders that I took mine down. There was even a faint trail cutting up between the neighbors house and ours, going across our yard an on across the road into some woods. We saw a large male walking on that trail several times, around sunset. And the local paper often had photos people had taken of black bears in their yards. Once in a while a bear would start dumping people's trash cans and it would have to be relocated. One man foolishly put food on his deck to lure one closer, then stood in his kitchen taking pictures. The bear pushed his way through the screen door and came right on in the house!

I'm not fond of bears hanging around my house! I always worried my kids would scare a mother with babies somewhere in the woods. They weren't afraid of humans and my children were small.

I lived in Granby - look at the number of sightings!
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Did he look anything like this guy?

Must be a male... waiting for dinner!
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That is the best picture I have seen in a while. It looks as though he has done that before. Someone should Photoshop a fork and knife in his hand. That's great! We see black bear sometimes up here in MI where we camp. It's always a treat. What an awesome animal.
WOW, that pic is GREAT!!!!

Love it!!!!
LOVE that picture, and bears are way cool.

But, after taking a few pictures, you really should scare it away. Bears that come around at night, if not chased off, will soon start coming around during the day. Bears that aren't afraid of humans can be dangerous.
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