9n overheating

Discussion in 'Shop Talk' started by petefarms, Aug 5, 2006.

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    Oct 17, 2004
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    when I run this tractor, I will have to choke the engine to keep it running, like when I was moving a small pile of sand yesterday with the loader. The tractor will eventually stall and once it sits for 20 to 30 minutes it will start again and run until it appears to overheat. It has been converted to a 12 volt system and had an engine overhaul last winter. Thanks.
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    The need to use the choke constantly could come from many areas. An air leak between the block and carb, gunked up carb, unvented fuel cap, carb jets clogged, carb out of adjustment, broken butterfly within the carb, the list is basically endless.

    The overheating can come from many things also, wrong fuel mix, ignition timing, clogged air filtering system, radiator clogged with dirt, water pump broken internally, missing drive belt, ect.

    The engine quiting after a measurable amount of time usually is related to a clogged fuel tank cap ventilation or an electrical failure of the coil or condenser. In this case, after you mentioned a recent rebuild, it could be piston seizure due to no one measuring ring end gap at assembly - this would allow the piston's rings to cool off enough to move again after the amount of time mentioned.

    What color is the exhaust? Look into the radiator when it is running, do you see circulating water? Any bubbles visible? Any water on the dip stick? Is the electrical coil too hot to touch when it stalls?

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    I have an 8N and even when these tractors lose water they take quite awhile to overheat unless you're working it really hard. Moopups is correct, it can be a lot of things. But if it's overheating real quick I would start off looking at ignition timing. The fact that you're running the engine with the engine choked only adds to the problem. If you dont have a timing light, mark the position of the distributor, then with the engine running loosen the lock bolt and turn the distributor a little at a time....can't tell you which direction. If the tractor engine speeds up and then will run without the choke, you did good. If it doesn't really change, put it back where it was and start looking elsewhere, like carb problems. Could be two issues here, the choke deal and the overheating could be unrelated. I'd get the idle straightend out first. Good luck.
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    There is a small plug in the very bottom of the carb. Carefully remove it and leave the fuel valve open at the tank. You should get a nice continuous stream of fuel, let it run until you have caught more that a cup of gas. Observe that the flow remains constant and does not slow down. If you do not get the continuous flow return here and describe what you saw.
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    Apr 2, 2005
    there is a inline filter in the pipe where it enters the carburettor , ( nice place to hide it ) try cleaning it .
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    As the others are pointing to, one likely cause is an obstruction in your gasoline flow - bit of dirt somewhere. This would cause the engine to run lean, which can overheat it - in addition to the lack of power & needing the choke.

    That would sum up all the symptoms you mention.

    However, other things can be at fault too.

    Checking for dirt through the fuel system doesen't cost much, & would be a good first step.

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    Our over-worked, much used Ford 9N went to boiling over, turned out that we needed to have the radiator cleaned out---guess it's about time---it's such a good tractor. Too bad we don't take better care of it, but it keeps on puttin' along.