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I have an 801 with a 172 cu in diesel. It is a great piece of equipment and I would not trade mine for any other that I've met. It may be a 2 wheel drive, but it goes places I cannot take my 4wd truck, nor would want to. I live in serious hill country so respect is needed in moving it around.

Ford rates these at 53 HP and I normally use a two bottom plow, an 8 foot disc, a 7 foot landscape rake, an 8 foot blade for grading, and have a concrete 1 sack mixer for it. Runs all week on a tank of fuel and smiles at all I demand of it. I also built a carry-all box for the 3 point hitch to move firewood or whatever.

I have shop manuals for it so if you need questions answered let me know. As I said, I think this is one of the great tractors and can highly recommend it as strong tough and capable of getting done whatever work is asked of it.

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