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I live in east TN and am looking into sheep. I would not need a flock just 2 or 3. Something to keep the grass mowed and lamb chops on ocation. I was told about hair sheep? Has anyone else delt with them.
I am also looking for a very basic book about raising sheep. Are there certin weeds that will make them ill. I am seriosely looking at replaceing the grass with clover; less work and good for the bees but will sheep like it? Any input will be a great help, Thanks to all.
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i loved my hair sheep. they are very hardy, good mothers. low maintenance. i did dock tails even tho you dont have to with these. i just like a docked sheep tail. they had alot of twins and were not hard to keep contained. i got offered too much money and sold my whole flock. im kind of sad now. i had katahdin ewes and a dorper ram. i have heard that you can butcher an older ram and not know the difference from lamb..i have no experience with that, just what i was told.
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