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what kind of pig would be best for 4H? My son wants to take pigs next year and we need to know what kind to buy and what to expect for growth and finishing weights.

How much do pigs sell for at your fairs? A man at the fair today says the kids need a $1.50 a pound so that they can at least break even. Is that true?

We are farmers and raise our own corn so that would help out on the cost. I don't want to sound mercenary but all the money they make at large animals at the fair is college money.

Also both of my sons won pigs at the pig scramble yesterday and we have to raise them up and have people come out and weight them at the end of October then the pigs are the boys' free and clear. I was wondering if we sprinkled a little unmedicated milk replacer on their feed. Or is that cheating?


Any info anyone can provide would be appreciated. Thanks

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OK, I raise a hog every year for the fair, even won Grand Champion year once... :) First question for you is do you have add-ons? If so dont worry about how much the hog sells for so long as you have a buyer... And get busy writing letters to everybody you know, and every business you've done business with. As for the hog, the hogs most judges like is the bluebutts, a simple cross between a Hampshire, or exotic black, to a Yorkshire. Usually using the Hamp as the boar... Either way works. Hogs here usually sell for about 300 or 350 dollars. But they all weigh about 220 or something... And it is not cheatin to feed table scraps, slop, cake, milk w/e to gain weight. We had a family last year that at the weigh in had to get the hog to gain weight, they went to booths that were just setting up and got cakes, pies, milk, everything... The hog BARELY made weight... :hobbyhors

Anyway hope this helps somewhat, and that you have fun with this. It's really enjoyable as long as the wind doesn't blow from the hog pen to you... :p

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I think the first decision you need to make is this. Do you want to show to just go have a great time and learn or do you want to do well in the show?
Dingo is right, blue butts do well. If you want to go in the ring with a decent hog and are going to work to get the best genetic potential out of that hog, then find a showpig breeder and purchase from him. Tell him/her it is your first year. You don't want to spend a lot, but you also don't want your kid to be the laughing stock of the 4-H barn either.
Prices for showpigs will vary from region to region, breeder to breeder. We have never charged more than $150 for a pig and our stock that our kids have ALWAYS placed at our state fair and last year we had one make the sale. A decent pig will run you $150 and up. Take the advise of your breeder, call him, if he is a kid orientated guy/gal, they will go to the ends of the earth to help you.
Our pigs usually sell for around 2.50/# Floor plan is additional. We have chosen to teach our kids that if they are going to do it, they better do the best they can. They buy their pigs from us. They do feed a show feed. We just see a huge difference between show feeds and commercial.
There are show bases you can mix at home with your corn.
I didn't read your location before I replied. Where are you at?
You can feed the others the milk replacers. There is nothing wrong with that.
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