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4 month old calf not eating grain

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I have a 4 month old calf and still with momma. He was eating grain with others and showing signs of dull looking checked for fever. 103.8 . Gave shot of la 300 and banamine pour on for his 410 pounds. Week before we gave bvr dead virus shots. Still not wanting to eat grain no fever now but still smells food and walks away.
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If he's got good access to water, and adequate roughage (hay), and with a temperature like that, best treat him with a broad spectrum antibiotic, like Noromycin which I see you already gave him. It might be a waiting game now to see if he improves, or if he needs a second dose. Is he having any breathing difficulties, or a cough?
Sounds like she's doing alright then, if she's eating and no fever. Will hopefully get her appetite for grain back in a day or two. Keep an eye on her, and I'm sure she'll be fine!
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