33 Year Old Bachelor Seeking Austin Dream

Discussion in 'Homesteading Questions' started by mopedguy, Sep 12, 2004.

  1. mopedguy

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    Sep 12, 2004
    howdy yall, Im a 33 year young bachelor looking for a small piece of land within driving distance to austin texas that I can build a cob cottage on and live and farm vegetables and work on clay sculpture at in peace and hapiness on for the better part of the rest of my life. Any suggestions on cost and any advice would be much apreceated.
  2. Terri

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    May 10, 2002
    It is good to have a goal.

    I would look at finances, first. You will need a down payment and enough money to support your self until you can sell some vegetables and/or clay items. How much depends on your needs. Some folk rent a house while they build, others camp out. At the least, you will need food, tools, gas money, land payment money, and so forth. If you cut your living expenses to the bone for the next few months, you will know how little you can live on.

    Then, look at your own experience. It counts. I built a greenhouse, once. I wish I could go back and change a few things, then I would have a BETTER greenhouse! :haha:

    Lastly, remember to look at zoning restrictions and building codes. Some counties are strict and some are not. Take your time, shop around, look over the countryside. IT should be cooling off in Texas soon, which means that checking out the countryside could be a pleasure!

  3. chickflick

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    Oct 20, 2003
    Hey... just come to my place!! It's a 5 hour drive to Austin, but I've got two offspring down that way, so we could take your 'goods' to sell!!! Also, Canton is only an hour and a half.. and I have a space in "Artists Row" reserved!!

    I don't think you can do 'cob' with sandy soil???? But hey... I"m sick to death of being here without this land doing anything!!!! There's always underground housing!!

    Where are you Now? Austin is VERY expensive.... anything within an hour as well. Somebody on here lives in the 'hill country'... (but they said you'd have to be a .. what was it... "CONSERVATIVE".. ROFLMAO!!!! ) :eek:
  4. John Bennett

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    Sep 13, 2004
    East Texas!
    Hey mopedguy,

    I'm 38 and also wish to retire to some land around Austin. Many years ago I lived in Austin. I really liked the area. Since I was raised in the pine forests of Louisiana and East Texas, I enjoyed Austin's lower humidity, less mosquitos, and varied terrain.

    I've ridden half the back-roads in east Texas on my motorcycle, but I've never travelled out west of Austin other to "float" the Guadalupe out of San Marcos.

    In October I will be attending a motorcyle rally in Fredricksburg. ( http://www.bmwclub.org ) I intend to spend a couple of days scouting the land and prices out west of Austin.

    I'll report back here whatever I learn.