28 gallone Gas Caddy, $299.00

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    Oct 2, 2003
    Below is the description of the plastic gas caddy. I was thinking about going to the wrecking yard, and getting an old gas tank out of a car to build one. I would need a 3/4 or 5/8 inch hose run from the tank. I need 40 foot of hose that would run from the tank that would be located in the bed of my truck to our boat. The truck would be maybe 8-feet higher than the boat in the water. Gravety feed is really all I would need. I only need this contraption in the summer when the kids are water skiing, and tubeing. Anyone tell me if this is a feasible idea to try to build

    Product Description
    The Todd Gas Caddy is the safest, easiest way to fill your boat with fuel. This portable fuel system holds 28 gallons and can be rolled over land and along dock to your boat. Convenient handle grips along with the proper design proportions insure comfortable, easy balance and maneuverability when full. The Gas Caddy features a vented cap, 10' long, UL approved supply hose, heavy-duty 3/4" bronze ball valve, and a spring-loaded nozzle to eliminate possible leakage. Meets all USCG standards. 41"H x 221/2"D x 271/2"W. Hand-operated pump not included. The Gas Caddy weighs 252 lbs. when filled. Optional hand-operated pump kit (Item #34422) transfers fuel above the height of the caddy Additional $10.00 shipping charge due when ordered. MYQUESTION: W
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    How much 'BS' do you want to purchase? 6 - 5 gallon gas cans, made of plastic (which does not support static electricity) costs about 5 to 6 dollars each at your local wally world. Do you want to support the 'hype' peddlers? I cannot, or will not support children 'water skiing' at a rate of $90.00 dollars per hour. Sorry if this appears harsh, just tuned to reality here.

    Edited to add; I was almost asleep when I posted this one, sorry if I offended. With the price of fuel as it I see no orientation toward recreation that cost fuel.

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    That's funny moopups I was thinking that someone who can afford to spend that gas money for water skiing probably shouldn't have a problem just buying a prebuilt gas tank system. It's all in the perspective I guess.
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    Farm auction, can get a 25-50 gallon tank with a hand pump for about $50 or less if you shop some. Here anyhow.