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Expect the unexpected
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Halfway through the year

I know I mention my garden a lot. BUT. My tip is that raised
beds are the way to go. Mine are 10 inches high, rough cut lumber.
The weeds are almost non existent.
Only in 2 small beds and that is where I planted garlic. Must be the
dirt I used. My big beds have rabbit poo, sawdust/dirt, and mushroom
dirt. So far so good. Still thinking I need something to help hold water
better. And I know I need another tank to hold water for dry spells
This week we got lots of rain, and that has helped a lot.

Plan is to hit some garage sales Saturday.
Need a few things and the price has to be right.
What do you look for ?

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I always look for comforters and blankets at yard sales. I use these for the dogs and cats' winter bedding. I also look for DVDs, books, crafting supplies, and non-electric kitchen items (to use in case of losing electricity for long periods of time).

In June I posted "Started some carrot plants from store bought carrot tops. Trying this approach with tomatoes too." Gayle in KY asked if I meant to write potatoes instead of tomatoes. My answer is no. I sliced a grocery store tomato and placed it in a planter. It just took a few days for tiny tomato plants to start popping up. From there you can thin them out and let 'um grow. Update: My carrots were delicious! :)

I quit my very stressful (although good paying) job at the beginning of April and still haven't started working again. My DH seems comfortable with me being at home being the "housewife". :) It's a big switch for me because until now, I've never not worked. (I'm 50.) We're debt free and have several month's worth of expense money in our savings. With me being at home, I have time to make more from scratch which saves a ton of money.

Hang clothes to dry instead of using the dryer.
Add white vinegar to the rinse cycle in the washer to soften fabrics. (We have very hard water.)
Hand wash dishes instead of using the dish washer.
Pack sack lunches for husband on his work days.
Drink tea or water. Save buying sodas and juice only as a treat.
Cook from scratch where ever you can. Warm, homemade cookies straight from the oven are the best. 馃榿
Keep your meals simple (less ingredients).
Make a meal plan for the week to avoid buying fast food or extra trips to the grocery store.
Save leftovers for another night's supper or combine with other ingredients to create something new.
Use fans to circulate the air instead of adjusting the a/c.
Make your own iced coffee drinks at home.
Brew your own flavored tea/green tea at home.
A hand written letter or note inside a greeting card is better than a gift sometimes. ;)
The internet is an amazing resource for free DIY plans and guides for all sorts of things (crafting, carpentry, sewing, cooking, gardening).

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We bought stationary - a set of 48 sheets of paper and 24 envelopes for $15.00 and they make lovely correspondence. If you can decorate your own stationary or get the kids to do it that is also a nice form for correspondence.

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DH and I are debating between the cost of raising a couple fall hogs or getting raised hogs ready to butcher from the Amish.
I'm putting 75-100 chicken eggs in the incubator after my quail hatch in the next few days. They'll take longer to raise than meat birds, but they won't require the feed (I'll free range them) and I can replace some of my layers at the same time. Plus, lots of pretty colors to look at, not just white!
Work has been slow for DH so he's not taking a lunch everyday, which means not spending $12-16/week on lunch meat and cheese. Woo hoo!

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July 4th is past, now is when the stores start clearancing their summer items to make room for fall clothing. Garden supplies will soon be on clearance sale too. Take inventory of what you used and what you need to restock for next year.

I'm still using bagged organic fertilizer I bought for $2 a bag a couple years ago.

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Our neighbor brought us a nice big watermelon this weekend. What a treat! :)

Sometimes old items just need a new coat of paint to spruce them up a bit. I've done this with several planters, chairs, bird houses, and a plant stand.

Expect the unexpected
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Well garden is starting to pay me back.
Store lettuce, then from garden, cuke, tomatoes, peppers
= salad for lunch.

Sold something yesterday. I had bought it. Never used it,
and it was taking up space I needed. Tried to make a small profit
on it. Was offered what I had into it. It's gone , got space back and
$$ in my pocket. Did not lose any money, broke even, and learned
something. That's a win. From start to finish, about 2.5 hours, after
I put ad online. Had 5 interested buyers within minutes of each
other. I know my smart phone gets me frustrated, and the computer
typing saves me. Should have timed it different and not during my
evening chore time. But I got it done. I was motivated :)

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I'm so discouraged with my garden this year. I was diagnosed with IBS last year and with already being picky, my veggie options have really dwindled. So this year I only planted green beans. yellow summer squash and lettuce. So far I've only gotten lettuce. We started out with a cold spring and now we're having a wet summer so everything is late. Now the critters are helping themselves. Oh well, such is the life of a gardener! :)

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DH and I found meat chicks on clearance at our local TSC so we went that route for the first batch. The Amish were selling 200lb pigs for $150 each so we told them we'll take 2. Quite a deal over last year. Last year we purchased two 50lb piglets for $100 each, so I would say we caught quite a deal and told him if he was doing them again next year we'd buy 2 more.
Picked my first round of green beans from the garden yesterday. Ought to be enough for a handful of pints and next week there'll be even more.

Expect the unexpected
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When I was at TSC this week, I saw they had bags of dirt, etc for gardens at 25 % off
I will hold off and wait for better discount. I have one bed that is 1 foot by 4 foot that
has the garlic, some onions and the weed problem. Need to dump that one
after I harvest that box. And should get bags of fertilizer maybe to top layer a few of my other beds.
But have to wait till another few months to add. Had a light bulb moment when out checking
the garden this morning. When we are done with the pumpkins we use for decorating,
pile them up in a bed that is at the far end. Next spring , should have volunteer plants
and when they spread out, they will go out on the grass and not be in the paths I have.
I keep training the new ends to go the direction I want them to now.

When going to sales, I am going to keep a eye out for runner type rugs for my paths.
Put down a large tarp and yes it holds weeds down great, but very slippery when wet.
Got a number of free plants this year. Just brought a big tomato plant home
yesterday in a big pot. Will transfer to a bed in another day or so. This was a kind I did
not have currently. Got some monster pumpkin or squash plants volunteers growing, in
the long poo pile that should be perfect compost next spring. It can be used now if I need
it because it is mainly rabbit poo, The sunflowers are doing great. Should have planted more
but I did plant more than last year.

Expect the unexpected
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If you have projects you are working on, carry a list and measurements if need be.

I went to garage sales this weekend. I was looking for old runner rugs to use in
my garden between the beds. I got 4 runner rugs for $ 1 total.
They are good enough to use in the house.
Then I got a NEW leftover piece of rug, dark gray remnent I guess you call it.
I measured it and was able to cut a 11 foot section off and it's just over 3 feet wide.
It will be the new rug for the hallway in house. Will take some time to get the cutting
done right so it will lay flat in this area. But should be almost professional looking
when I get done with it. There is a 8 foot by 3 foot section leftover for the hubby to use
in his old camper project. Not bad for $ 2 :)

I got my friend 3 bags cat litter at the sales. 10 pound bags $ 1 each.
Also 2 cat carry crates at $ 10 each. Price of new is crazy.
I bought a dog crate for $ 10. Never seen one like it before. Looks like
new. Did the research. This brand is no longer made. I will get at least
$ 100 for it, when I sell it.
All these bargains were on day 2 and day 3 of the sales. I guess you
don't have to be the first one there.
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