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i already posted something similar to this , BEFORE i quit my job.. so now i got to revamp my to do list.....

plans for this year.

make money ---- off my homestead . maybe pick up some odd jobs, maybe start vlogging... sell some of my art. i really dont wanna get another job IF i dont have to . i mean im not against it. i do have a little money saved up to live off of for a good 6 months. if i cant manage to make money off of the things mentioned already.

work out my rabbit situation ---- i got rabbits coming out of my ears !!! i got a butcher day coming up on sunday. but currently have 21 rabbits. 3 breeding does, and 1 breeding buck. 2 bucks that didnt make the breeding cut. and 15 babies in total . 2 different litters... one of the mamas decided she was done with her babies in the cage and started nibbling their ears. their all bloody. so she got taken out and put in with one of the other girls i have... i dont think shes going to be staying if thats how shes going to be with her young kits. plus i dont need 3 breeding does, my one doe is currently pregnant (i hope , we shall see about march 12th if i get babies) i honestly thought my grow outs would be bigger by now then they are... my fall litter grew out much faster. but these 2 winter litters seem to be .. stunted... or SOMETHING .. the one batch i have just made it to 4 pounds monday. at 19 weeks old. some are on the 5lbs mark but not all..... but i do plan to butcher sunday as its suppose to get to 40°F so the young buns who are 5lbs, and the 2 bucks and the one doe i have will be processed that day :) the doe i currently hope is bred, is a beautiful light brown flemish giant. nicknamed flemy. her kits will be more for money rather then food. but i WILL process them if i cant sell them. shes a beautiful rabbit though and im excited to see what her babies turn out to look like.

raise more meat birds --- last year i had 3 batches of 12, chick days at tractor supply lasted a LONG time because of the high demand. i have no idea how its going to be this year .. so this time around i think im going to get a group of 20, and if they still have chicks when i get ready to process them 20 more.

happy healthy goat birth --- Bluebell is officially pregnant! she missed 2 heats. so due date is beginning of june !!! goat mentor will be on call when Blue gets closer to her date. mentor is currently in her own kidding season right now. so luckily we wont have clashing dates so she can come out here and help me if i need her :) blue was bred to a small headed buck who is from a quad birthing. and i was told the small head on him should hopefully be passed down to his babies. BUT i do have a higher chance of triplets as his lines throw them often.. oh geez.. fingers crossed for all does! lol

garden ! ---- i had a garden last year and it produced me BUNCHES of cherry tomatoes and green beans .. but nothing much else.. i planted a bunch of stuff , but .... they didnt take... this year i have a decent list of all the things id love to grow !!! so once it starts warming up and staying warm , time to spread all that lovely rabbit manure on the gardens! see if i can get the soil rich and have my plants thrive !

get fishing license and well .. fish --- ive wanted to fish for a while.. but only thing in my way is that pesky fishing license. so i hopefully can get that this year !

finish my home renovation --- my living room is the final room that needed gutted and rebuilt , my house was built in 1907, so many things needed done to it. they had green carpet in the bathroom !!!! eww lol we started gutting my living room last year in march .. and we are still working on it . other projects got in the way , and my job had slowed it down a lot. my dad wont work in my house without me here, because of my 2 indoor cats, hes worried hes going to leave the door open and they run away. BUUUT we are getting so close to it being done ! we just put the mud on the walls , gotta sand it down and fill in anything that needs it done, and then its onto painting , picking a floor, and filling it ! filling is going to take a while , i down own a couch, and probably wont for a while.. its pretty low on my list. about time to get it done, too , feel like i been living like a hoarder. all my stuff thats suppose to be in the living room is in other rooms and .... yeah .. its not a calming environment.

this list is more so for me to keep on track but also share the plans , and see what i should add to it . lol i like to read/hear a glimps into other peoples plans , so here are mine ! lol im really looking forward to what this year has to offer me. had a curve ball thrown in there. but i think we got things figured out now.. :)
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