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AFKA ZealYouthGuy
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Just for fun... I posted this on my blog. Add your own.

Happy New Year.

The New Year is always good for a few things. One of them are predictions. So here are my predictions for 2009... and beyond.

Personal Predictions:

1. I will continue to strive for greater sustainability.
2. I will have some success in meeting sustainable goals.
3. I will have some failures in meeting sustainable goals.
4. Some things I won't be willing to change... until I have to.
5. I predict that we will need a bigger garden this year. Of course... there is NO garden here at all right now, but I will base it on my past garden.
6. I predict that my struggle will be finding organic matter to add to the soil. Boy I miss that composted horse manure.
7. I predict that I won't have the money when I have time nor will I have the time, when I have money.
8. I predict that I will still have a problem with packaged goods this year. I just can't escape packaging it seems.

Global Predictions:

1. Fuel prices will rise again.
2. The economy will continue to sputter. It may get a little bit of a new year bump, but I think the actual mechanics of our economy are still in bad shape and the reality of lack of jobs will start hitting more homes... of people I know.
3. Most people will not plant a garden, but WILL complain about the cost of food... and then they will still spend at least $300.00 a month on entertainment in the form ofinternet/satellite/cable/movies/video games/text messaging.
4. Internet/satellite/cable/movies/video games/text messaging will be the last budget items to cut for many people, because it offers an escape from the reality that they live in.
5. People will seek anyone or anything offering hope. This will result in a growth of "spirituality", but that spirituality will be "me-focused" instead of God-focused.
6. Great strides will be made in the "animal-rights" movement that will hamper homesteader's ability to secure their own food supply.
7. Wal-Mart will have the best fiscal year of their life. China will import even more cheap junk.
8. Russia will become even more aggressive in hopes of pumping up oil prices by further destabilizing the eastern bloc.
9. Hundreds of thousands of companies will go out of business.

Ok, now I don't expect all these to happen, but I figured I would throw out a few thoughts. How about you. Any predictions (personal or global) for this year?

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Personal Predictions:

1. A bigger, better garden

2. I will sell excess veggies at a stand in my front yard. My main customers will be to the McMansions on the hill next to my house: I do not think they will plant gardens and if I set prices at JUST below grocery prices...... Yes.

Globel Predictions:

1. Hard times for the rest of the year: more of what we are experiencing now.

2. Inflation.

3. More jobs available after a year.

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I will have a 4 page list of projects and goals for 2009, but will finish maybe a page of it all, if I'm lucky! (Already have the 4 page list).

I will plant about half of what I plant in the garden, harvest about half of what I plant, and preserve half of what I harvest - so the garden had better be a good one this year.

I will have 10 goat kids from 8 does, with 2 remaining open. Of those, 4 will be does, 6 bucklings, only one buckling worth keeping as one, and the other 5 will be wethered and sold for pets. The does will be milked regularly for the first month, and from then on, it will be like pulling teeth to get dd to do the milking twice daily. And I will have a hard time convincing dd that we absolutely must sell enough kids and adults to keep the herd down to a dozen or less.

I might, if I'm very lucky, manage to finish installing my wood stove and building a few storage sheds. But the chances are way too good that I'll be making the same prediction again next year....:rolleyes:

Sorry, I'm feeling a little down tonight. I've been looking at the Goals I made for the last couple years, and realizing I'm a great planner, but I'm lousy at execution. Maybe these predictions are a little more realistic than I'd like to think.

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Sorry, I only make predictions for LAST year. I make half as many mistakes that way.

WV , hilltop dweller
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May 5th, America hits a very large bump in the road...something we were able to hold off for a while--"gets loose".
Don't ask me, I was sitting here thinking about a light hearted post following the vein of the previous and this just popped into my head. I'm going to put a note on my calendar and see if anything happens at that time.

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We will buy a new place this year. Work our guts out on it. Get it just like we like it and then have to move again and lose our shirts in the process.

I will replant strawberries, raspberries, grapes, blueberries and asparagus then wait again for the harvest. I will plant a new and larger orchard. I will invest heavily in canning jars. I will dig and toil and raise many blisters while aggrivating the arthritis.

I will dig out stumps, clean up trash, build fences.

I will build a larger, better chicken coop now that I know what I would like. I will learn to hatch eggs in my incubator. I will have way more chickens than I need or want to feed.

If history is any indicator, I will have to drain a swamp, or reroute a stream. My well won't work, the heating system will fail and the kitchen will be way too small for what I want to do in it...

And in spite of all of it- I will totally enjoy every minute.

AFKA ZealYouthGuy
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May 5th, America hits a very large bump in the road...something we were able to hold off for a while--"gets loose".
Don't ask me, I was sitting here thinking about a light hearted post following the vein of the previous and this just popped into my head. I'm going to put a note on my calendar and see if anything happens at that time.
I guess we will make sure our cinco de mayo party will be moved to the fourth.

NJ Rich
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I predict:
The fuel supplying countries will continue their strangle hold on the world
Fuel prices will zoom up as suppliers make up the money they aren't making now
The O'promises made during the presidential race won't come true :eek:
More major companies will fail and there won't be any money left to bail them out.
The unemployment numbers will increase and divorce numbers will increase also
More farms will be lost and food prices will rise astronomically
Home prices will continue to fall
The foreclosure rate will mean more empty homes and the campgrounds will be full
The poor will be better off but the so called middle class will continue to erode way
Our security will be tested again and politicians will continue to take freedoms away from us "for our own good" :grit:
More politicians will be forced to resign in disgrace as their illegal actions are discovered :dance:
Sabre rattling will continue and North Korea and Iran will become more of a threat :nono:

I will learn to:
bake bread
dry fruits and veggies
grow veggies in containers

I will do more:
food and supplies prepping
hunting and fishing
get more politically active against some of the politicians that put themselves first
That could be more pages than "manygoatsnmore"
Write or email my representatives and let them know how I feel about upcoming votes

I will:
Be a kinder and better person :benice:
Be more tolerant of others or stay away from people who annoy me :croc:
Stay on HT and learn more ..........

Best to all, NJ Rich :happy:

Mountaineers are free
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Armageddon is not too far off!
Fuel will sky rocket as OPEC nations punish us for not voting against Israel.
Food is going to be harder and harder to come by.
Government is going to bankrupt the U.S. by bailing out people who don't contribute.
The world will tire of our dominance, and switch to the Euro
Unemployment will reach new heights.
Terrorists will attack U.S. soil with unprecedented aggression.
O will let his supporters down, but they will still be blind.
Bush will be blamed for everything before 1/20/09
Bush will be blamed for everything after 1/20/09
(Maybe not everything as extreme as above, but to some degree all will happen)

Become much closer to God and Family
I will be prepared to help family, community and friends
I will get that deep well pump installed
Bigger gardens
More fruit trees
Goats will be added
I will pray for those who don't believe, that they may find peace within turmoil.
I will use every bit of land God has blessed me with for a useful purpose, and be willing to share every extra thing I can spare with those in need.

Much more to do, but I will start by walking with God and listening to the directions :)
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