2007 Quilt Swaps

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  1. Karen

    Karen Well-Known Member Supporter

    Apr 17, 2002
    Beautiful SW Mountains of Virginia
    The following is the schedule for the forum quilt swaps for 2007.

    DO NOT sign up for any of these until their individual posts for sign up are listed. The individual sign up threads will appear as a "sticky" as we approach the date of that swap as listed below. The exact dates for the deadline to sign up, as well as the deadline to have your blocks to the hostess, will be listed in that individual sticky. The dates below are only estimates.

    Also, please DO NOT contact the hostess for the swap prior to the time of the swap!

    The purpose of listing the swaps is just for your information only so you know what is upcoming and can work ahead if you wish, or purchase fabric on sale, or plan your schedules accordingly for your favorite swaps.

    We will be making 1 block for each person who signs up for the swap. We never know until the actual sign up how many to plan for; but if we go according to swaps in the past it has been between 22-30 participants.

    If you would like to get an idea of the direction, rules, etc. of how a swap works, you can read about one the swaps in the following thread (in particular the first post). Please also read this thread for the instructions and rules if you have never participated in a swap before and will be working ahead on a swap. There are critical instructions there relating to the type of fabric, pattern and block size, etc. that must be followed:

    The DMC thread colors used is only for refence of the colors to be used. It is a way we can identify when we say "yellow" what shade of yellow we mean. This does not mean you use DMC thread in your quilt; it is for reference only in coordinating the colors.

    Finally, everyone is welcome to participate; including newbie quilters. No one will be critical of your work. The point of the swap is not to end up with a quilt, but is rather for the fellowship, learning, and improving our skills.

    Sign up: Jan 14-28
    Bllocks due: March 28
    Western Theme: (hostess: Pauline)
    Some ideas: bandana type fabrics, horseshoes, blue jeans, etc.

    304 dark bandana red
    312 a new denim blue, and bandana blue
    975 is a brown
    Ecru muslin

    Sign up: approx. May - blocks will be due in approx. July
    Wedding Theme: (hostess to be announced):
    If you use print, very fine and muted prints only and in keeping with the theme

    White and Off-white
    Lace, Ribbons, etc.



    Sign up: approx. early August with blocks due approx. early October
    50's Theme: (hostess: HaloHead)
    Some ideas: records, poodle skirts, dots, 50's flowers, vintage fabric, etc.

    aqua 3766
    pink 3713
    chocolate brown 801
    White Muslin


    Sign up: approx. late October with blocks due approx. early December
    Transportation Theme: (hostess Birdie_Poo)
    Any type of transportation - cars, boats, planes, trains, etc. - no limitations on types of print (real car print to Thomas Train, etc.); also suspending the 1" rule for this one; however, if you use a larger print, be sure you center your print accordingly.

    3818 green
    3822 a yellow/gold
    666 bright red
    798 medium blue
    Black Muslin / Cotton / Cotton/Poly

    In addition, there will also be a Jar Quilt Fabric Swap COMPLETED
    Hostess: Tallpines
    Date to be announced
    We WILL be doing a FABRIC Swap this year.

    The "print" of the cotton (cotton/blend) fabric MUST be something you might find in a "Jar".

    Possibilities might include:
    Candy Corn
    Gum Drops
    Jelly Beans
    Pens and Pencils
    Gold Fish
    Toy cars
    Sea Shells
    Fire Flys
    Dried Fruit
    and on and on..........​
    Check out these links for more ideas.





    Here's a paper pieced pattern:
    http://www.quilterscache.com/N/NotionsBlock.html (about 1/2 way down the page)

    Some more patterns:

    As of now, the size of our pieces will be ---- 6 wide X 10 tall.
    That will give us between 20 to 25 pieces per yard of fabric.
    Each particpant, will provide 2, maybe 3 DIFFERENT prints.

    Please note that, although the themes and colors are set in stone, any and all of the above swap instructions and requirements are subject to changes. The above swaps are listed so that you can begin planning and acquiring your block choices/fabric/participation.
  2. swampgirl

    swampgirl Well-Known Member

    Aug 29, 2006
    Where would I look to see if anyone has posted pictures of their Jar Quilts?

  3. AngieM2

    AngieM2 Big Front Porch advocate

    May 10, 2002
    swampgirl - I've not seen any photos of the jar quilt that I remember.

    Try sewing and quilting and do a search on Jar Quilt and see, but I don't remember one right now.

  4. Billie in MO

    Billie in MO Well-Known Member Supporter

    Jun 9, 2002
    I've made some wall hangings with mine (large & small) but (big sigh!) I don't know how to do pictures so you can see them. Computers don't like me and do crazy things when I try!!
  5. tallpines

    tallpines Well-Known Member

    Apr 9, 2003
    A woods in Wisconsin
    Other than the minature Jar Quilt that Billie made and sent to me as a hostess gift, I've not seen any photos.

    I know that my sewing machine has taken a "summer break" :)

    I doubt I will be doing much sewing until the "Christmas rush" is upon us!
  6. Jan in CO

    Jan in CO Well-Known Member Supporter

    May 10, 2002
    Ok, I'm like a racehorse in the holding pen, waiting to race! Got my fabric for the winter swap, and will start making squares with the hope that I can get in on that one! So many choices, so little time! Jan in Co
  7. Jan in CO

    Jan in CO Well-Known Member Supporter

    May 10, 2002
    How does one become a 'hostess' for a swap? I don't see anywhere that it is noted. Thanks! Jan in Co
  8. Karen

    Karen Well-Known Member Supporter

    Apr 17, 2002
    Beautiful SW Mountains of Virginia
    Jan, I'm so sorry. Some how I missed your question and just saw it.

    One we have decided on the year's swaps, I ask for anyone who would like to be a hostess to contact me via PM. Any one who has successfully completed at least 2 swaps, and followed all the rules during all swaps (such as checking in as instructed, mailing on time, etc.) is encouraged to PM me. I'd love to have more hostesses!
  9. HorseMom

    HorseMom Well-Known Member Supporter

    Jul 31, 2005
    Wooster, Oh
    When will we be discussing themes for the 2008 swaps? I have a few ideas and I'd love to host one :)
  10. Karen

    Karen Well-Known Member Supporter

    Apr 17, 2002
    Beautiful SW Mountains of Virginia
    I'll be putting up a thread soon. Last year, Angie and I just choose them because of all the previous arguing and hurt feelings when people didn't like what the majority chose. This year, we would like to try again discussing ideas, but we are a little gun shy and don't want a repeat of previous years. I'm not sure Angie and I could ever go through that again. :eek:

    If people are willing to discuss the topic respectfully and, understand that everyone has different preferences and needs, but will be willing to go along with whatever the majority wants, we're willing to try it again.

    I think what we will do is get everyone's input on what they would like and why, and then I'll close the thread and do a new thread, listing all of the suggestions and let everyone vote on them. It will be a vote only, no comments. The discussion thread will only remain open for 10 days; the voting for 7 days.

    In the past, we've made the mistake of allowing the thread to stay open too long. It gave people too much time to ponder and complain. :) Hopefully this will work out better. :)

    Anyone who wants to hostess should PM me during the time of voting only. Please do not PM any sooner than that because I'm more than likely to forget...lol. Also, too many things change in a person's life and once you commit, we are taking you at your word, so waiting until the appropriate time would be more in order.

    Just a heads up to anyone who would like to hostess, please remember that, although I'm more than willing to attempt to accommodate a hostess for her choice of swap due to previously planned events that can't be changed (delivery of a baby, planned surgery, etc.), the hostess will not have her choice of any particular swap to hostess.

    The hostesses are chosen for each swap in a manner of different ways. For instance, we try to put a more experienced hostess for the swaps we know will be bigger swaps; a first time hostess for a smaller swap so she can get her "feet wet" with the least amount of stress; etc.

    I'm also going to post this as a general post so it gives everyone a head's up on what will be happening.
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